Jane Meryll has been committed to personal change and transformation for most of her life. At Jane Meryll Studio she teaches piano, voice and other music skills and offers performance anxiety coaching for people who feel held back when in the “spotlight,” whether in business, school or life.




Learning an instrument or almost any musical skill is now scientifically documented to have a positive effect on intelligence, academic acuity and emotional development. In addition, the musical experience can and does enrich cognitive, emotional and physical function as we age.


The StageFright Solutions™ system offers simple, mindful tools to handle performance anxiety in all kinds of situations—in business, school, on stage or in everyday life. Jane provides a friendly curriculum with clinically proven techniques custom designed to individual needs.


There is a new buzz that the act of singing – especially in groups – releases endorphins in the brain called “feel good” chemicals. The resulting mood affects wellness and general health at any age. Jane’s supportive approach makes even those who think they are tone deaf change their tune. Literally.






There is no hour spent coaching with Jane Meryll that is not life changing and affirming.  You are one step higher on the transformation ladder.   Every session is one more AHA! for change.  Today I started off in a very bad place.  But, through our hard work together came away with the realization that through  Jane's coaching, I have been given me all the tools I need. Now I am confident that management (re:  my own anxiety and having a higher degree of  emotional intelligence as a CEO) is essentially about  the habit of good judgment. I have more confidence in my leadership role within my own business and in my industry as a whole.  I am grateful. 

-Roe C,  President & CEO of a Connecticut event planning business.


My biggest challenge was just to be able to relax and be and stay in the moment . I am learning how to let go of anxieties, to  be present in the moment and and enjoy the ride. Of course, it’s a work in progress.  Each coaching lesson brings me something different where I can free myself from all work thoughts,  day to day life things and just be.  Its healing, comforting and joyful.  It’s worth 1 massage,  2 glasses of wine and 10 hours of sleep !  I had wanted to sing for the longest time and now I am doing it.  When I follow the technique it feels effortless.  I don't have to do anything but enjoy making music. 

- Pascale G,  President & CEO of a Westchester travel business. 


A politician must be an actor; every thespian needs a coach. So when nominated for a local office without any previous experience, I was sent to Jane for help. She provided me with practice methods and tools to help me deal with the required performances. More importantly, she made a major effort to discover me, finding that I have had decades of exposure in front of audiences. She gave me the confidence to believe that my innate convictions plus my previous experience would allow me to deal with the political environment with confidence that, to be frank, I would keep my feet out of my mouth. I won both a primary and the general election. Applying the confidence she instilled, moreover, seems to be gaining me good marks as I perform my office duties.

-Dave F., Mamaroneck Town Trustee, 2015



I had grown up studying classical piano and wanted to reincorporate it into my adult life. I didn’t want to perform for people, but I wanted someone to nurture my love for music so as to enhance my personal life. Not only have I been studying not only “standards” piano with Jane, but I have also tried my hand at singing lessons. All together it has been almost 10 years. In my piano work with Jane, the skills that I obtained as a child came back full force. I also learned a new skill, which was rhythm. I truly learned to feel the “beat.” The idea of studying voice was totally foreign to me. I always thought that possibly I could sing but have discovered I really can sing. I greatly look forward to the time I spend each week with Jane. It is relaxing enlightening and informative. I have gained great confidence in my skills and have had many hours of enjoyment and pleasure.

-Troy H., Designer, Photographer, Businessperson



I had a great business idea but it was a jumble in my head. I'm a writer but I couldn't begin to explain myself, or my vision, or my business idea to anyone. Marketing? I didn't know where to begin. Jane Meryll didn't just coach me; she launched me into the world. She helped me get in touch with my vision and turn it into a reality. The bottom line: I came to Jane Meryll (and StageFright SolutionsTM) not believing that any workshop, technique or person was going to turn me into an effective businessperson. I left a believer in myself, my ideas, my workshops and in Jane Meryll. Her teaching style is contagious. Don’t sign up with her if you don’t want to change and grow.  

-Linda U., Author of Madame Bovary’s Daughter and Expecting, Founder of MoMoirs writing workshops, Copywriter



Jane is gifted with an original teaching approach that helps each student in a way that’s possible to grow and improve. Her talents are enormous and we have fun, too. I’m so grateful she’s opened my path to the piano. Music is healing magic, and Jane is a magician!

-Jeanne L., Designer, Artist, Author of Road to Consciousness



Many of the things Jane taught me and pointed out to me about music come up over and over again as I pursue my love of music. I feel that she gave me a good grounding.  

-Allen T., Retired Psychiatrist