Jane Meryll's mission is to help her students become skilled, articulate pianists who maintain a lifetime passion for music. She uses a systematic approach to make learning a meaningful, friendly process. Jane Meryll’s expertise in piano performance lies in keeping it simple. 

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Piano: classical, jazz, theater and pop improvisation: harmony, theory and form

Movement: conducting, Dalcroze Eurhythmics, body use (informed by the Alexander technique)

Musicianship and sight-singing: HHJ meter and rhythm method from beginner to professional

Songwriting coaching: form, harmony, melody and lyric content

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Many people, performers and public speakers suffer from stage fright, or glossophobia, a feeling of panic, sweaty palms, upset stomach and shakiness that comes when they’re about to step before an audience. That feeling can be overwhelming and make what should be a moment of triumph seem like an utter failure. Through StageFrightSolutions™, Jane coaches clients to master that performance anxiety, to channel their fears and to stay focused.

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Stress and the Body

Role of Breathing in Stress

Brain Basics of Stress

Changing Negative Thoughts

Mind-Body Modalities: Meditation, Relaxation, Visualization

Creative Improv Exercises and Role Playing, Brainstorming and Writing, Dress Rehearsal and Performance



The vocal methods Jane uses incorporate theatrical, pop, jazz, speech therapy and yoga techniques. Her curriculum is generally infused with Dalcroze Eurhythmics for better understanding of meter, rhythm and the physical nature of vocal performance. Recording and mic techniques are also addressed. Skill in the art of breathing is informed by the Alexander technique and yoga. Learning the art of singing the story in a song is a primary goal of her method. Success comes from learning to practice smarter, not harder.

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Preparing the Body

The Art of Breathing: Yoga Pranayama and core strength
Reading a Score/Interpreting Text: analysis and method

Meter/Rhythm/Tempo for Singers and Speakers
Repertoire: how to choose for auditions and performances

Recording Skills: mic technique and diction

Speaking Skills: delivery, mic technique, mission of the message